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Due to the COVID-19  pandemic period, there have been limited face to face conference.We have attended the following virtual conferences:

5 Feb: To receive 2020 Newton Medal from the Colour Group of the Great Britain at the City University of London. An award lecture was given to give an overview of the development of colour science.

27-28-July: to attend 2020 CIE conference

28-30 September: London Imaging Conference

23-25 November:  China Solid State Lighting conference

26-27 November:  AIC 2020 conference

27-28 November: CACPP2020 conference

 25 OPPO Engineers received a 3-weeks training programme at ZJU chaired by Prof. Luo.

Utsunomiya University Delegations visited Color Engineering Lab during 16th-22th December,2018

Graham Finlayson (UEA), Phil Green (NTNU) and Huanzhao Zeng (Google) were invited to speak in the ZJU Imaging master series, 22 October, 2018.

Prof. Luo attended Asian Lighting Conference (ALC) 2018 at Osaka university, Japan, 13-14 September, 2018.

Professor Luo attended CCIW2019 conference at Chiba University, Japan, 23-29 March 2019.

Two students (David Tian and Brian Zhao) attended the Electronic Imaging conference at Burlingame, San Francisco, in California, USA on 28 Jan-2 Jan,2019

Prof. Luo and two students (Grace Zhu, Brian Zhao, James Xu) attended the CIC 2018 conference at Vancouver, Canada, November 12-16, 2018.

 <!--[endif]-->Prof. Luo and two students (Cherry Peng and Iris Liu) attended the SSL 2018 conference at Shenzhen, October 23-25, 2018.

Dr. Peirong Wu and Dr. Jingru Zhou visited CEL during 3rd-7th June

Student Exchange Program between Utsunomiya and Zhejiang University 1st-9th February 2018

Prof. Luo organized Colour, Imaging and Illumination Technology Symposium at the Zhejiang University from 5 to 6 November, 2017
Prof. Ming Ronnier Luo was awarded 2017 AIC Deane B. Judd Award on 19 October, 2017, in 2017 AIC Conference, and delivered a speech titled Holy-grail of colour science .
Prof. Brian Wandell and Dr. Joyce Farrell from Stanford University visited Color Engineering Lab from 14-18 May, 2017 and delivered speeches titled Neutral circuitry for vision and reading  and Image systems simulation.
VP Ssangsoo Lee, Dr. Jangjin Yoo, Mr. Dongwoo Kang, etc. from LG Display visited Color Engineering Lab on 6 April, 2017
Prof. Luo attended AATCC in Wilmington, Noth Carolina, USA on 28-30 March, 2017
Anke Hadasch and Yue Qiao from L'Oreal USA visited Color Engineering Lab on 15 January, 2017
Dr. Paul M. Hubel from Apple Inc. visited Color Engineering Lab on 15 December, 2016, and delivered a speech titled Realizing the Promise of Digital Photography
Prof. Luo and 5 students attended 24th Color Imaging Conference in San Diego, USA on 6-12 November, 2016
Prof. Luo attended SID2016 in San Francisco, USA on 25-29 May, 2016
Prof. Luo attended 15th International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Lighting as an invited speaker in Kyoto, Japan on 21-24 May, 2016
Prof. Luo and 5 students attended 2016 CIE Lighting Quality and Energy Efficiency Conference in Melbourne, Australia on 1-10 March, 2016
Prof. Luo organized the Colour Technology for Museum Applications at the Zhejiang University on the 30 October, 2015

Prof. Luo attended the IDW 2014 conference and gave a presentation at Niigata, Japan on 3-6 December 2014
Prof. Luo organized the Colour Technology for Museum Applications at the Zhejiang University on 12-13 November, 2014
Prof. Luo attended NTUST Colour Imaging and Illumination symposium at Taipei on 10-11 November, 2014
Prof. Luo and Master student Haiting Gu attended SSL- China LED Forum at Guangzhou, China on 6-8 November, 2014
Prof. Luo, PhD students Safdar Muhammad and Yuzhao Wang attended CACPP conference at Beijing, China on 23-25 October, 2014
Prof. Luo and PhD student Safdar Muhammad attended CJK lighting conference and giving an invited talk on Design functional lightings in Tianjing, China on the 22-23 of August, 2014
Prof. Ronnier Luo and PhD student Lihao Xu attended the SID2014 conference and giving a presentation at San Diego, USA4-6 June, 2014
Prof. Luo, Dr. Xiaoyu Liu with students Qiyan Zhai, Hong Li attended CIE conference on Lighting Quality and Energy Saving at Kuala Lumper, Malaysia, 24-26 April, 2014
Prof. Luo gave a presentation as invited speaker on Lighting Quality for Indoor Lighting at tSSL (Taiwan Solid State Lighting conference), Taipei, 20 March 2014

The CEC lab was officially opened on the 21st of September 2013

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