Color Engineering Lab    

State Key Lab of Modern Optical Instrumentation
College of Optical Science and Engineering
Zhejiang University

The Colour Engineering Laboratory (CEL) is an inter-disciplinary research group that  covers disciplines including physics, mathematics, psychology and computing.  The members of the group conduct research that includes all aspects of the measurement of colour and light. We  are experts in the development of colour science-based models that relate the measured  physical data that describe colour and light with psychophysical data based on human  responses. Our  academic strengths are in the fields of colour imaging technology and illumination  engineering. These strengths have been demonstrated by the development of  international standards such as the CIECAM02 color appearance model for the  imaging industry and the CIEDE2000 colour-difference equation the surface  appearance industries. More recently, our work has included the derivation of  new models for colour rendering, glare, uniformity, colour appearance and  colour-difference for lighting applications. We are also closely collaborating  with leading international companies including Philips, Hewlett Packard, Opple,  VeriVide and LG.


  • to educate high quality researchers and engineers in color science, imaging science and illumination engineering,
  • to perform innovative research in the above fields,
  • to transfer smart technology to industry, and
  • to be involved with the development of national and international standards.



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