Color Engineering Lab    

State Key Lab of Modern Optical Instrumentation
College of Optical Science and Engineering
Zhejiang University


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Research Interests
  • Colour science (lighting appearance modeling, lighting colour difference, new colour scales)
  • Total appearance modeling (colour, gloss, texture, translucency)
  • Lighting quality metrics (colour rendering, colour discrimination, colour preference, glare, uniformity, flicker)
  • Wellbeing lighting (work performance, alertness, circadian rhythm)
  • Imaging science and technology (image quality, skin related imaging
  • Measuring Light: JETI-Specbos 1211 UV Spectroradiometer, Minolta CL-500A illuminance Spectrophotometer, Everfine SPIC-200 Spectral Irradiance Colorimeter
  • Measuring colour: Datacolor SF600, X-Rite Color i7, X-Rite MA 98, X-Rite i1Pro
  • Measuring light distribution: Radiant Image Spheres (IS), Radiant ProMetric Near-Field Measurement System (PM-NFMS)
  • Measuring 3D geometry: 3dMDface System
  • Measuring 2D colour: Radiant ProMatrics, iCAM
  • Measuring total appearance: VeriVide DigiEye system, BYK Orange Peel/DOI Meter, BYK Portable Gloss Meter, Rhopoint gloss meter
  • Digital camera devices: Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D3X
  • Printer device: HP Z230 12-channels printer
  • Lighting cabinet: VeriVide, Thousand Light
JETI Spectroradiometer
Minolta illuminance Spectrophotometer
Everfine Irradiance Colorimeter
Datacolor SF600
X-Rite MA 98
X-Rite Color i7
Image Sphere
3dMDface System
Radiant ProMatrics
VeriVide DigiEye system
BYK Orange Peel/DOI Meter
BYK Portable Gloss Meter
Rhopoint gloss meter
Cannon 5D Mark II
Nikon D3X
HP Z230 12-channels printer
VeriVide Lighting Cabinet
Thousand Light LightingCabinet
  • Imaging: LHewlett Packard, LG Display
  • Instruments: X-Rite, VeriVide
  • Surface: Akzo-Nobel, Benjamin Moore, Coats, Marks & Spenser
  • Lighting: Philips, Opple


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