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Government funded projects
"To Investigate the Neutral White in the Vision System" sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China(61775190)
Participate in "Research on biomechanism and application of Health Lighting " sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China(2017YFB0403700)
"Methods for Assessing Indoor Discomfort Glare" sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China(61475142)

Research projects with industry
We have worked with a number of leading international and national companies. Our current collaborations are lie in the following three areas.

Mobile phone industry
To research better algorithms in the different components in the image pipeline, such as fast and robust characterization model,?image enhancement, gamut mapping, adaptation modelling.

LED Lighting industry
To research lighting quality measures for LED lightings, such as colour difference, colour fidelity, colour preference, whiteness, glare.
To research LED healthful lighting, such as work performance, alertness, circadian,
To develop spectrum tuneable system for different lighting industries

Museum and Gallery
To research different colour technologies in museum and galley, museum lighting, digital archiving, printing, restoration.

Ongoing Projects

"Methods for Assessing Indoor Discomfort Glare" sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China(61475142)

"Where is the white illuminnat Locus?"

¡°Chromatic Contrast Sensitivity Study¡±

"Human centric LED lighting"

"Color Management System based on XX mobile phones"

"A colour management framework surrounding the HDR-Uniform colour space"


Completed Projects

¡°Spectrum tuneable LED lighting system¡±

¡°Development of functional lightings for Food¡±

¡°Development of functional lightings for Skin¡±

¡°The human visual network model for predicting and evaluating visual comfort¡±

¡°Collaboration Agreement between the Technische Universitat Darmstadt (Darmstadt, Germany) and Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, P. R. China) ¡±

"Advanced Toner Saving Printing for Laserjet"


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