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Jing Liang

Postdoctor in Zhejiang University & Lecturer in Dalian Polytechnic University

Research Interests:Color Science and Printing Image Processing

Address:Rm 131, National Research Center for Optical Instrument,
Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang Unversity,
Hangzhou 310027, China

Ph.D., Optical Engineering, Jun 25, 2012
National Lab of Color Science and Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China
Dissertation: “Study on evaluation and optimization of color appearance model of wide gloss range half-tone dots printed materials”(宽光泽度范围半色调网点印品的色貌模型评价及优化研究)
Advisors: Prof. Ning-Fang Liao

M.S., Mechanical Design and Theory, Jun 20, 2007
School of Mechanics Engineering, Dalian Polytechnic University, Dalian 116034,China Dissertation: “Research on Digital Proof and Offset Printer’s Gamut Mapping”(数码打样机及胶印机色域映射方法的研究)
Advisors: Prof. Yan-Ping Peng

B.Eng., Printing Engineering, Jun 20, 2001
School of Printing and Packing Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology, Xi'an 100086,China
Dissertation: “Research on Color Transformation Model of CRT Display”(CRT显示器颜色转换模型的研究)
Advisors: Prof. Xin Liu

Research Experience
The national natural science foundation “Study on Theory of Color Appearance and Color Difference of Wide Dynamic Half-tone Dots Color Samples” (61078048)

Youth Foundation of Dalian Polytechnic University “The Acquisition and Optimization of Color Appearance Datasets and Color Appearance Model Studies Based on Half-tone Dots Printed Materials” (QNJJ201304)

Publications(in recent 5 years)
[1] Liang Jing, Liao Ningfang, Lian Yusheng et al. . Research on the Uniform Color Appearance Space Based on the CIECAM02[J]. Advanced Materials Research.Vol.174(2010),48-51.(EI检索:20110313599354)
[2] Liang Jing,Liao Ningfang, Lian Yusheng et al. . Evaluation Accepted Small Color-Difference Samples by Using High Glossy Ink-Jet Paper[J]. Advanced Materials Research.Vol.380 (2012),179-182.(EI检索:20115014592043)
[3] Liang Jing, Liao Ningfang, Song Li et al. .The Establishment and Evaluation of Color Appearance Datasets about Low-Gloss Color Printing Atlas[J]. Acta Optica Sinica,2012 32(5):0533001-1 -0533001-9. (EI)
[4] Liang Jing,Liao Ningfang,Dong Shuwen et al. . Simulation of CIECAM02 Color Appearance Model Based on Chinese Color System[J]. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology. 2013,22(1)(EI)
[5] Liang Jing, Zhao Yongbin et al. .Color difference evaluation based on image color appearance model[J].Applied Mechanics and Materials. Vol. 200 (2012) pp 637-640(EI)
[6]LIANG Jing, PIAO Yutong, LIAO Ningfang. Establishment and Evaluation of Color Appearance Datasets about Packaging and Printing Atlas of High Gloss[J].Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 469 (2014) pp 269-272(EI)
[7] Shuwen DONG, Ningfang LIAO,Li SONG, Jing LIANG, Testing the performance of CIECAM02 model using two distinct glossiness of colour printing atlas [J]., J.Opt.Soc.Am.A,2014,31(4). pp A 263- A 267(SCI)


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