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John B Hutchings



Visiting Professor, School of Design, University of Leeds, UK

John Hutchings is a physicist brought up in industry, finishing his time with Unilever Research as a specialist in colour and appearance. The approach to the subject developed during this period has since been broadened into studies on colour in biological nature, folklore and oral tradition, archaeology, language, ethics, and the food appearance philosophy has been extended into the wider world of design. At present he is working on the specification of food colour and appearance, and has been supervising and coordinating industry/academia research projects in colour and imaging science at Leeds University, where he is Visiting Professor. He is Technical Advisor to the Color Engineering Laboratory at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, and is an overseas examiner. John is the author of more than 100 scientific papers, as well as of the books Food Color and Appearance, now in its second edition, and Expectations in the Food Industry - Impact of Color and Appearance. He holds the Deane B Judd Award of the International Colour Association, the Newton Medal of the Colour Group (GB), and is an honorary member of the Colour Group (GB) and the Grupo Argentino del Color.




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